Leaders, Sinning and Public Reaction

Can we all come together to agree on one thing? All human beings, without exception, are prone to sin. There may be debate about whether or not prophets committed sins, but the fact is we’re no prophets and thus the general claim remains: All human beings are prone to sin.

This concept seems to make lots of sense and is accepted by every rantional human being. However I find when people are put in circumstances to put this claim to test, they fail. The truth is…Imaams, Khateebs, Scholars, Da’ees, Masjid Administrators, Volunteers, etc. are all prone to sin just like any other Muslim walking the face of this earth.

Yes, they have an extra responsibility to ensure they do their best to refrain from sin as they are flag bearers of this religion, of Allah and His Messenger sallalahu alayhi wasalam; but they’re still a human being.

The prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam tells us in an authenthic hadith collected in Imam Ahmed’s musnad:

All the sons of Adam are sinners and the best of sinners are those who repent.

In another hadith collected by Muslim, the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam said:

It is evil enough for you to humiliate your brother. All things of a Muslim are sacred for his brother; his blood, his property, and his honor.

What does all this mean? What am I trying to say? Please, next time you see someone who is active in the community committing a sin do the following:

1) Recall that he or she is a human being just like you and is prone to sin
2) Make excuses for your brother or sister
3) Do not, and I repeat, do not expose them of the sin. Remember this is dishonoring your brother or sister which is haraam
4) If you’re in an a position to do so, advise the brother or sister. Our deen is all about sincere advice 🙂


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