Your MInd is your Greatest Asset

Subhanallah the value we give to our mind is not to the level it should. The mind that Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala has blessed each and everyone one of with is to some extent the thing that will lead us to jannah or the very thing that will lead us to jahannam.

Our mind is a blessings that we as Muslims need to protect from the thoughts and ideas that spread throughout the community. Our mind is like a sponge and any good or bad we feed it, it will surely soak it up. The reality is we live in trying times where the level of intellectual fitnah is at an all time high. How many young brothers and sisters have I heard of that look to be practicing, some with beards and niqabs, others who are huffaz yet they are in the brink of atheism because they let their mind roam free without any caution. This is a very sad and alarming reality that is facing our youth. I’m not trying to promote the stagnant state of our minds, but what I am promoting is the need to ground ourselves in Islamic belief before traversing a path of complex theories and ideas.

The mind is an owner of the limbs to a certain extent. Look to the story of Adam and Iblees. Allah made known to Iblees and the Angels well before the creation of Adam alayhi salam that he will be creating a creation that will roam upon on this Earth. Please pay attention to this, it was already well known that Adam would eventually be going to Earth. Now fAst forward the story to Adam eating from the tree. Allah tells him to get down to Earth because He ate from the tree. Here’s the catch though, could Adam not have said Oh Allah you had already willed for this to occur? You could imagine that maybe Adam heard the news from amongst the heavens. Whether this is the case or not, for a second imagine it was. Could he not have made that claim to Allah? Rather what does he do? He submits his intellect to Allah and seeks forgiveness. Subhanallah! Rather than letting his intellect roam free to doing or saying things that would be kufr, He alayhi salam passes the test and submits his intellect to Allah, which is the essence of Worship.

My brothers and sisters, our minds are a jewel which should never be brought into harms way. Pay close attention to what your feeding your brains, because the effects of it could Be tremendous.

Another incident that shows a very scary reality to us is in a Hadith in Bukahri and Muslim, narrated by Anas ibn Malik radhiallah anhu. Their was a companion who had embraced Islam and was given the auspicious position of writing down the wahy, The Quran. After some time, this man apostated from the deen and claimed to the Christians that the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam was a liar and that he was actually the person who received wahy. Allahuakber! How outrageous but a dark deep reality that we have to face. We are not promised Death upon Islam and thus must take great care in shunning those things that can tarnish it in any sense.

May Allah protect our minds and the minds of our beloved Youth and make us all firm upon this Deen until our deaths. Ameen!


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