Where is the guidance?

Bismillah walhamdolilah wassalatu wassalam ‘ala rasool Allah

Every single day we ask Allah, Glorified be He, in our prayers that He guide us towards the straight path. A straight path that has been shown to us through the message of the Messengers alayhum salaam. It is a straight path that we are well aware of but at times becomes blurry due to the darkness we are submerged in. Our mind, body, and soul yearn for this Straight Path, they truly ache and pain to tread this path, but overtime our mind becomes cloudy, soul becomes rusted, and body becomes lazy and fails to recognize this need.

We’ve reached this blessed month of Ramadan, a month of devotion, a month of change, a month of forgiveness and we beg Allah to give life to our hearts and give sight to the blind and heedless. My brothers and sisters, look at the example of the Prophet Ya’qub alayhi salam. For him patience was most befitting. He became blind out of the anguish and pain of his beloved son Yusuf being away from him. He cried to such an extent for Yusuf that he literally became blind. Look at the love Ya’qub had for his son! SubhanAllah. You fast forward the story and near the end as Yusuf returns, so does the eyesight of Ya’qub, his beloved father. This is much like Ramadan ya ikhwaan wa akhwaat. Ramadan is the month in which we give life to the dead hearts and sight to the blind. Just like Yusuf brought the eyesight of Ya’qub back through Allah’s will, so does the month of Ramadan bring the hearts back to life of all the sons of Adam.

We all find ourselves in this state of blindness in which we need something that will revive our hearts so we can see and hear again, so we can uplift the veil that has been drawn upon our hearts. Think of this example: if you were in a dark forest, with no light, how would you be able to decipher the correct path from the wrong path? How would you be able to distinguish between those things that are useful and those that are destructive? It is light that will help you. In the same manner, our faith is light for us to distinguish the right path from the wrong. This is why we need this month to turn the light back on in our hearts so we can distinguish the good from the bad and make a resolve to quickly get back on to the path that will lead us home, lead us to Jannah.

So now, every single day we stand in prayer and plead Allah to guide us towards the light and take us away from darkness. We do this hoping for something that will take us out of our current situation and take us to a better one but at times we are left just pleading. Where is the response? Where is the guidance?

If  you were to flip to the next page of the Qur’an…

ذَٰلِكَ الْكِتَابُ لَا رَيْبَ ۛ فِيهِ ۛ هُدًى لِّلْمُتَّقِينَ
This is a book in which there is no doubt, a guidance for the god-conscious

The guidance is the Qur’an. That is the answer to our du’a. It is a light that transformed nations and can very well transform us for the better.

May Allah give us the honor of building a relationship with the Qur’an and make us amongst the flag bearers of its’ message. Ameen

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