Take hold of your desires o youth of this ummah!

Just an important reminder to take care of those things you desire to accomplish earlier on in your life. Once life takes you further in its journey you are faced with many responsibilities which will indeed take away from achieving those goals you had set out. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to achieve those goals, but it will take longer as you have many other things occupying your mind.

So my appeal to those who are relatively free of responsibilities, take advantage of your time and excel in accomplishing great things for the sake of Allah as this time will rarely come again. Recall the words of our beloved prophet sallalahu alayhi Wasalam: take advantage of five before five… Your free time before you get busy.

And know that this time in your life is beloved to Allah if you use it for His sake as you could be doing anything else you desire. But you o servant of Allah took it and sacrificed it for His pleasure. Be happy and content for the words of the prophet sallalahu alayhi Wasalam comes to mind regarding the seven who will be shaded on a day where there will be no shade but the shade of Allah: the youth who grew up in the worship of Allah.

Make Allah make you all successful in your endeavors 🙂


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