Patience: A Long Road Travelled

Trials and tribulations. Life summed up in a few words for many. And the solution? You guessed it: patience. 

What really is patience? How can one truly define the exact meaning of the term patience? In reality, I don’t think there is a fixed definition that can sum up what it means. Rather, it’s something that is only understood through experience and struggle. Only the person who is truly eager to be patient understands the depths of it and not even they can truly express it’s meaning in words.

My attempt at understanding patience has been a long one and as of this moment in my life i’ve summed it up in the following: Is the concern of Allah in my heart at the time of trials and tribulations? Does Allah cross my mind? If the answer is yes, I know i’m on the path of patience. If the answer is no, I know i’m on the path of deception.

Many a times we see patience as a characteristic we employ only for the short term. We expect that by our remaining patient, things will ease up very soon. However, Allah’s love for a people is in testing them. For those that Allah loves, patience is not a short term characteristic that is employed in intervals throughout life, rather it’s a long-term gown that remains with the son of Adam until he dies. Allah puts upon this slave trial after trial, test after test, to the point that his or her life becomes a representation of patience.

Look at the Prophets of Allah, the most beloved to Him, and the most tested.  Imagine the patience Yusuf alayhi wasalam  must have had to exhibit  from the time he was thrown into the well to the time he became the Minister of Egypt. We’re talking years upon years, decades upon decades of patience that Yusuf alayhi salaam had to show and with each trial he left his legacy upon this world. It required patience to deal with the fact his brothers wanted to kill him. It required patience on his behalf to deal with the void of his fathers love, care and affection. It required patience to deal with the reality that he had become a slave. It required patience to serve time in jail for a crime he did not commit. It required patience up patience, a long-term struggle, with his trust only in Allah.

Point being, patience my friends is sometimes a very long road travelled, but at the end of it all… “indeed with difficulty comes ease”… you will have the only thing that truly matters… “indeed Allah loves those who are patient”… while you look back in comfort and peace… “And Allah will reward them for what they patiently endured with a garden in Paradise”



  1. Mohammed

    MashAllah nice read.

    Just one thing to note is that it’s “indeed WITH difficulty comes ease” not “after”. It’s a common misinterpretation. But just as well, it serves an eloquently written article even more so : ).

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