Inspiration that Leads to Paradise

Has there ever been someone in your life that has truly inspired you to do great things? Have you ever come across an individual, for maybe only a small period of time, yet they have motivated you change your entire life for the better? I know I have.

After thinking about the many people I have encountered in my life; the beneficial, the time-waters, the harmful, the fun, the careless, etc. I’ve come to realize that those who were most sincere with themselves had the greatest impact upon me (aside from immediate family); and many of them I had very limited interactions with in comparison to people I meet regularly.

Here’s the beauty, because of the sincerity they exhibited towards Allah, He caused them to be reasons of change for me. You want to know what’s even more amazing than that? On the Day of Judgment they will see reward for all my good deeds, without taking away from my own reward, in their bank account because of it. Allahuakber!

My brothers and sisters, be good and sincere wherever you are for verily your actions, words, and passion could all be reasons of change for others you meet; and that change will be reflected in your hasanat inshallah! You never know who, when or how long you meet someone, but because of something you said or did it changed their lives forever.

And as a side note, only befriend those who are truly sincere. Only bring those people into your circle of trustees who are sincere. Can you judge this? In an absolute sense? No. However, there are signs that you can look out for that can aid your decision:

1) Are they people of prayer? Do they have salah on their mind? When reminded, do they drop things and pray? Or are they of those who push the prayer to the side?

2) What do they talk about? Are their tongues craving the remembrance of Allah? Or would they rather talk about the ball game?

Thats a wrap. Drop a comment and let me know what you think 🙂 Agree/Disagree? Share away!

Be sincere wherever you are and know that every interaction is an opportunity for you to raise your rank with Allah.



  1. Raheel

    Mashallah, great blog post. I find this to be very true. I have experinced this myself as well. It was a good reminder and Inshallah I pray that Allah gives us all the ability to be sincere and thus impact others by our actions.

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