Answer the Call

Let’s take a true stab at understanding our priorities in life. No sugar-coating, no glazing, no icing, just the cold hard reality of our priorities in life.

Imagine you were working tirelessly on an extremely large sale, and if all went well, it would result in a nice sizeable commission cheque at the end of the month. Now it’s 10pm and you’re just about to slip into bed… you get a phone call from one of your team members from work asking you to come prepared with the IT architecture tomorrow morning, and be prepared to present it to the end-user. He explains to you the end-user was only able to fit this time in and thus we have to make the most of it. So you work all night; no sleep, one coffee after another, struggling to keep yourself going to ensure you’re ready for that meeting in the morning. You answer the call and make the most of it. Sound’s about right? Cool.

Imagine another case. You’re driving home from hard days work ready  to have a nice dinner at home. You get a call from a friend inviting you to chill out for the evening. Sweet! You answer the call and enjoy your evening with your friends. True? Cool.

Let’s explore a third case. After a long day of studying for exams you get a text message from a significant other. The text message reads: “Dinner and a movie?”. You immediately reply back, without hesitation: “Sure”. You answer the call with excitement and take a much needed break from studying.

We make conscious decisions everyday which show the importance we give certain people/things by the priority we give them. In all three cases above, the call was answered almost immediately, regardless of the circumstances; we gave priority to one thing over another, thus showings its importance in our life, and showing the status that it truly holds beyond all other things.

Now I want you to ask yourself a question:

When was the last time you answered Allah’s call with the same priority and importance?

Allah calls us to His remembrance five times a day, but do we make Him priority and give Him importance over  other things? When He calls us, do we leave off our laziness and answer His call? When He calls us, do we reply back with the same excitement we would a friend or significant other? When He calls us, do we leave off watching that television show or that youtube clip? When He calls us, do we immediately pause the game we’re playing to make Him that priority? The actions we display show the importance we give to Allah on a daily basis.

This is why Salah, the prayer, is such a pivotal sign of ones faith in Allah. This is why Salah is so important… because it displays how much importance we give to Allah on a daily basis. More importantly, it proves that Allah’s call holds the highest priority in our life; over all other people, over all other goals, over all other actions.

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  1. Yasir Dhia

    salaam. have I caught myself in all of the above situations.. unfortunately, yes. How quickly do I forget the please found in the remembrance of my Lord and Creator.. subhanallah. Jazakallah khair for sharing.. looking fwd to the next post.

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