The Keys to the Common-Unique Being

Every individual has been created unique; each with his/her own unique identity, unique characteristics, unique behaviors, and unique perspectives.

Amongst all this uniqueness, however the creation has been bound by many common elements.

Therefore, we have to bring to mind that when dealing with other unique yet very common beings, the solution to getting over and solving problems/roadblocks/bumps in the road/etc. come in the form of a very common key and sometimes a very unique key.

Here’s the thing, we all know the common keys but we also know they don’t necessarily work in all circumstances, actually from our experience we know they don’t work in all circumstances.

Thus, to really be able to deal with people we have to hone in on developing those unique keys which can be used in those trying times to unlock those secret doors which lead to peace and serenity

Here’s the catch though, to be able to develop those unique keys you have to put work into understanding people, listening to them, feeling for them, etc. and that takes time, effort, and true care. Maybe not for everyone, but this is a critical step that needs to be taken seriously for everyone in your immediate family (i.e. spouses, parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, etc.)

May Allah give us understanding and grant us the ability to implement. Ameen



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