Slap in the Face


A bit harsh? Maybe. However, sometimes thats exactly how our actions are perceived by others.

Many of us, including myself, have a habit to do this: take out our phones and carry a conversation via text message, bbm, whatsapp, etc. while there’s someone right in front of us! The message we send out is: “you’re not entertaining enough for me, you’re not important enough, so I’m going to resort to having conversations on my phone instead of you.”

I must admit though, some of us do have the decency to juggle both conversations at once; however we still send the same message because much of the time were more engrossed in our digital conversations than the physical ones.

When we look at the Prophet sallalahu Alayhi wasalam we see such an amazing example and truly the perfect code of character. What would he do when talking to someone? He would free himself from any distractions, turn his body towards the person speaking, and he would listen, care and empathize with them; giving them full attention and respect. Subhanallah! So much so that the companions would think they were the MOST beloved to him sallalahu Alayhi wasalam. Amazing.

I think we can learn a lot in the art of communication and listening from the example of our beloved sallalahu Alayhi wasalam.

Here are a few things we can try to implement this lost art in our day and age:

1) Set times for looking, replying, and engaging in digital conversations throughout the day
2) Turn notifications off, if something is important inshallah they will call you.
3) Talking to someone in person? Put your phone away. Fight the urge to reply to that message!
4) If something is urgent, excuse yourself for a moment. Shows you value them
5) Listen! Remove yourself from other distractions and engage with the conversation at hand.

Inshallah this was of some benefit. If so, be sure to share!

What were your thoughts about this post? Agree/disagree? Have any suggestions of your own?

Comment below!



  1. Ali

    Assalamu alaikum bhai sahab,
    The tradition of the Prophet (salAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam) was alone sufficient for this. Alhamdulillah I rarely text/talk at same time, but I didn’t remember the tradition to counter this phenomenon. This is the best reason. jazakAllah khayran!

  2. Raheel

    great message but you could have used hadith of our prophet (pbuh) that demonstrates the examples of how he gived importance to others and as well as the campanions/scholars.

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