A Young Death that Taught me an Important Lesson


Life is a road that we all travel but the ending, none of us know. However one thing we do know, when it comes to an end, it’ll be too late; too late for change, for action, for anything. We will all regret hoping we did something more with our lives; hoping we listened to Allah a bit more; hoping we followed the Prophet sallalahu Alayhi wasalam a bit more. However, when that fierce Angel of death comes to take our soul, theres nothing that can be done.

Today I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting about a recent death of a young brother in our community. Thinking to myself, what will be his situation in the grave? What will be his situation in the Hereafter? How will he be resurrected? Will he be a person of Jannah? What will be his outcome? Only Allah knows but before I continue any further, I ask Allah that He makes this brother’s time in the grave easy upon him, that he is resurrected in an honorable manner and that he is admitted in to Jannah directly. Ameen.

As I sit and reflect upon the recent death, I look to myself and think… how many sins have I committed and how many times has Allah given me another chance by not taking my life? How often did I and do I commit sins, but how amazing and loving is Allah that He continues to give me opportunities to fix myself up? Subhanallah, truly my Lord and your Lord is the Most Loving and Most Merciful and He continues giving us opportunities to come back to Him but do we take heed? Do we take the time to reflect?

I sit right now in utter thanks and gratitude to Allah for giving me opportunity upon opportunity to come back to Him. I sit right now knowing that Allah could very well have taken my soul at a time when I was consumed in sin, but He didn’t out of His love for me. However, I also sit thinking and knowing that this may not be the case next time around…

Dear reader, my brother/sister, this s a reminder for me and yourself to fix our lives up and to remember that indeed death is close. We can’t continue sinning without giving any thought of the risk we put ourselves in. We can’t continue sinning thinking we’ll have tomorrow to change. We can’t keep sinning without it being followed up with a true and sincere repentance. We just can’t afford to anymore…

May Allah give us the ability to reflect, take heed of His signs, allow us to thank Him profusely for giving us chances and give us sense to flee back to Him agin and again. Ameen.

Drop a comment and if you have any points of reflection, please do share.

Until the next expression from a slave, assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.



One comment

  1. adil

    jaza kala khair. We truly take our lives for granted. I think the notion of death, as weird as this sounds, does get trivialized. We hear about it so much that it doesnt really hit us till someone close to us dies. That is why Rasulullah SAW reminded us to visit the graveyards to remember death. I believe he SAW, and Allah SWT knows, was trying to get us to make a personal connection to it,death, similar to when we loose someone close to us rather than just hearing about someone we dont know. In order create a true connection to death, a connection that will resonate better in our hearts and minds. With the remembrance of death, and truly internalizing the fact that you can go any time we can that much more reinforce what has been said above about hastening to repentance and more.

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