Justice Starts at Home

So here’s a little pet-peeve I have: unjust people. Okay… it’s not little, its actually a very big pet-peeve of mine, maybe even the biggest to date.

Our Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam came to teach us the best of manners and part of that was teaching us to be people of justice. It’s not a concept only pertinent to our government leaders but also the leaders of our households, communities, masjids, organizations, etc.

Justice is a comprehensive term which applies to all our actions and dealings wherever we are, in whatever capacities, in whatever environment.

An-Nu’man bin Bashir radhiAllah anhu said: My father took me to the Messenger of Allah and said to him: “I have gifted one of my slaves to this son of mine.” The Messenger of Allah said, “Be mindful of your obligation to Allah and do justice in respect of your children.” My father came back and revoked his gift.

Justice is required from every Muslim in all capacities, including our households;  within our dealings with our parents, spouses, brothers, sisters, and even children. As we see in the above example, justice means being equal and fair to all parties even with regards to our care and love for people. Subhanallah…

Today, unfortunately we find many spouses who are unjust with regards to upholding the rights of the family and household. If a problem unfolds, instead of sticking to that which is most correct, they automatically side with each other without seeing the facts for what they are. They’re love for each other  blinds them from being truthful, just and fair towards others.

In another case, we find many sons and daughters who are unjust with how they treat their parents. When they’re in the presence of their in-laws, ma sha allah tabarakallah they’re the best behaved and most respectable son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws, but in front of their own parents they don’t respect and care for them in the same manner. They take gifts and food when going to their in-laws, but they act miserly when with their own parents and family.

Also, we find many brothers and sisters who are unjust in their own social dealings. If an argumentation arises, instead of holding to what is most correct, we side with the relationship we want to uphold the most. To gain personal benefit, we push truth to the side and take a stance with falsehood. May Allah protect us.

To be honest, the examples can go on and on but I swear that the above cases are far from what Allah and His Messenger sallalahu alayhi wasalam came with. The quality of the Muslim is that he or she sticks with the truth regardless of who it offends or who it benefits; even if its those closest to them.

We have to question our actions and decisions and ask ourselves: are we being fair? Are we being just? Are we even seeking to understand the facts? Are we just siding with the people we like the most? The people that will benefit us the most?

We need to step back and ask ourselves: Do we want to be considered amongst the muqsiteen (those who act justly), the category of people loved by Allah? If so, it’s time to change and what better month than in this blessed month of Ramadan?

Reported by Abdullah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘Aas radhiAllahu anhu in Muslim, in which the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam said:

The just and fair people will be seated on chairs of light before Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Such people are those who decide justly and deal justly in matters relating to their families and other affairs entrusted to them.

While the reward for being just is enormous, the regret and punishment awaiting the unjust is treacherous. Allah tells us in the Qur’an:

“All human beings that have done injustice would surely, if they possessed all that is on earth, offer it as ransom (to redeem themselves on Judgment Day).” [10:54]

Time is short and what tomorrow holds no one knows. Let’s take our conversations away from the injustices happening around the world, away from things we have no control over and move them towards the injustices happening within our own homes, towards the things we have full control over.

May Allah make us amongst the muqsiteen, those who are loved by Allah and honored in His presence on the Day of Judgement. Ameen

What are your thoughts? Agree/Disagree? What other day to day injustices are you witness to? Share below and be sure to…

Love it | Like it | Tweet it | Share it | Most importantly, act upon it |

P.S. In no way, shape or form am I saying the injustices happening around the world do not require our attention. They do and we should be talking about it but at the same time we should reflect upon our own lives as well.

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