Islam to Atheism?

Bismillah walhamdolilah wassalatu wassalam ‘alaa rasoolullah.

Too many incidents. Not enough solutions. Three young boys leave Islam to become complete atheists.

Why..? How..? I don’t get it.

In a time where young Muslims are leaving Islam, what can I expect for the future? Will Islam exist in the West a few hundred years from now? Who will lead and make sure the word of Allah is raised high? Thoughts begin to run through my head. Lost. Scared. What to do?

This wasn’t the first time I heard of young Muslims leaving Islam, but it was a thought I had swept under the rug for sometime. Come to think about it, I swept it under the rug a lot. A seriously calamity on the rise. What to do?

Now that the thought has re-emerged, I thank Allah. Hoping I can do something about it…

What are your thoughts on this situation?




  1. Haemophilus

    If the adult Muslims of today keep imposing their views and beliefs (that they practiced back home) on their children who are raised here, there will be a clash. These kids often think that since their parents are of “backwards” mentality, their religious beliefs must also be “backwards”.

    The only way we can reach out to children is by educating the adults on the matters of deen. Unfortunately, many adults of the previous generation are too stubborn to admit that they aren’t experts in Islam and therefore never seek Islamic knowledge.

      • Haemophilus

        There are many things. For example, in our South Asian culture, prayers are not emphasized at all. Instead, what parents do emphasize is the Friday prayer and the Eid prayer. That’s about it. It’s as if the rest of them are of no importance.

        Another one would be the Qur’an. Almost all of the elders that I know of send their kids to a qari to merely recite the Qur’an (which is great) but make no effort in teaching them the meaning and the real beauty of the words as well as the lessons that come from it.

        I’m not saying that they should stop going to Fridays or anything. What I am saying is that they have to take more active part so that the children can mirror their behavior.

  2. Asim

    Just as Haemophilus said, Islam is being fed to children nowadays in an unstructured manner. These young kids go to prison (school) for 5 days a week, and are basically dropped into another day of prison on their weekends at Islamic class. If you ask any of those kids whether or not they wanted to be there, there would be a large response of no’s unfortunately. There needs to be a motivation. If these young kids see Islam as a way of life, involving enjoyment as well as structure, rather then a traditional mentality dropped down a family chain, there would be more hope in their futures. Bu at the end of the day, Allah SWT guides whom he wills, and lets go astray whom he wills. May Allah grant us all understanding inshaAllah!

      • Yasir

        Perhaps MSA’s need to re-think their da’wah and overall MSA strategy. It seems debating with athiests is a big thing these days. If that is what the ‘Dawah Table’ and ‘Islam Awareness Week’ have become then there needs to be strategic change. Debating athiests is a black hole that will suck a person in.

        Why not find someone who wants to be helped, and leave the debating for the academics.

        As for motivating kids… Parents need to parent with the right knowledge and the right action. Today’s average ‘cultural’ parent takes action without the right knowledge. How many parents have ever picked up a book on parenting.

        Allah knows best.

  3. Abû Mûsâ Al-Ḥabashî

    Try to avoid generalizing. The fact that three Muslims left Islam does not mean that it’s an epidemic or soon-to-be epidemic, although some may want you to believe that.

    There was a time around when Dawkins’ book was published when atheism was becoming very popular and I personally considered it. Al-ḥamd lillâh it was never very seriously but I can definitely say that at that time, if I wasn’t Muslim, I’d be an atheist, so I think I can, to a certain extent, understand the “appeal”. There are different reasons why people choose atheism: for some it’s personal tragedy that they cannot reconcile with God’s existence; for some it’s the entering of a social/intellectual milieu in University where atheism/secularism is assumed/believed to be the position of the educated; for some it’s simply a way of rebelling against their former religion, i.e. they commit the non-sequitur that if their previous religion was false, then ALL religions are false; and other reasons.

    Because people have different reasons for their disbelief, it’s hard to give a “roadmap” of how to deal with them as a category, but generally, if I was speaking with an atheist, as strange as it might sound, I would start off by convincing them that agnosticism is a more logical position than atheism. I find that many atheists play with semantics and use arguments for agnosticism to justify what they call atheism. If you can succeed in convincing them that agnosticism makes more sense than atheism and they identify as agnostic (even if they don’t use that word necessarily), then it will be much easier in shâ Allâh to have a conversation about God’s existence because they’re now (genuinely) open to the possibility.

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