What are we seeking ‘Ilm for?

What are we seeking knowledge for? I ask myself this question ever so often and find myself dumbfounded.

Is it to just attend class after class just for the sake of knowing? Is it just so I can say I attended these many classes? What’s the purpose?

I look to all the seminars, lectures and weekly classes I’ve had the opportunity to attend and ask myself how much of it all do I really know? How much have I forgotten? How much have I acted upon?

Subhanallah it’s a scary thought but it shouldn’t discourage any of us from attending and being in such blessed gatherings. However, we should clarify our purpose and recheck our intentions and make sure we’re sincere for His Sake.

We gain Ilm not for status or fame but we do it to recognize the loftiness of Allah, to rid our minds and soul of ignorance and to worship Him in a manner that Is deserving of His Majesty. If this isn’t happening, something wrong.

May Allah make us sincere and steadfast upon seeking His pleasure. Ameen!


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